The Camden Rocks line up has grown even more as organisers reveal a futher twelve names added to the bill:

New Model Army
Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols)
Glamour Of The Kill
The Graveltones
Damn Dice
In Search Of Sun
Tropical Contact
Ducking Punches
Broken Witt Rebels
White Room
Lost Gravity

Commenting on his addition to the line up, Glen Matlock said the following: "Played the 1st, missed the 2nd, so 3rd time lucky amongst all the spring and not so spring chickens. People ask me if I have advice to young bands - sure do - get out of my way I'm not done yet…"

Justin Sullivan from New Model Army was far more succinct: "Happy to be there... Bring it on"

Tickets for the event are just 30 Quid, taking place across various venues in Camden Town on Saturday 30th May. All the information can be found via this link: