There's intense music, and then there's intense music by Nails. This Southern Californian unit blend the most brutal elements of Death Metal and Hardcore and have been responsible for some of the most chaotic releases in recent years. With that said, the buzz heading towards the release of new material has been growing hugely ever since they revealed they were in the studio.

The new album You Will Never Be One Of Us is set for release on 17th June via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Track list:

01. You Will Never Be One Of Us
02. Friend To All
03. Made To Make You Fall
04. Life Is A Death Sentence
05. Violence Is Forever
06. Savage Intolerance
07. In Pain
08. Parasite
09. Into Quietus
10. They Come Crawling Back

Commenting on the new release, vocalist and guitarist Todd Jones stated: "This record represents NAILS more so than any of our other records. You Will Never Be One Of Us is the epitome of NAILS to date. It is our apex (up to this point). We know if you're already a fan of the band that you'll love this record. If you've never heard of us before, we appreciate you checking this shit out. 'OUR PAIN IS NOT YOUR PAIN, OUR PRIDE IS NOT YOUR PRIDE - YOU WILL NEVER BE ONE OF US'. Much love and respect."

Listen below to the title track from the new album: