Def Leppard have announced they will be releasing a very special EP to mark the start of a series of catalogue reissues coming our way. Using Record Store Day as the perfect opportunity for this, Leppard have revealed that The Def Leppard EP will be made available featuring the original artwork and sleeve cover.

Originally recorded in 1978 at Fairview Studios in Hull, this will be the first time the EP is released in 45rpm format.


1 Ride Into The Sun (2:57)
2 Getcha Rocks Off (3:44)
3 The Overture (7:56)

Commenting on the release, Joe Elliot from Def Leppard said the following: "This is the EP that shone a light on this fledgling bunch of wannabes and set us on our way to international stardom (eventually...)! Recorded at Fairview Studios, just outside Hull in North Yorkshire, a studio we were extremely happy to frequent as it had been used on numerous occasions by the late great Mick Ronson. It took 2 days to record and cost 148 pounds and 50 pence!! - money borrowed from my Dad (a feat financially and time wise we would never get close to achieving again, EVER!!!!)"

Record Store Day is on 22nd April