Following the positive reaction garnered from their handful of live shows in recent years, the returning Quicksand have now announced the release of their first record for 22 years. Commenting on the forthcoming release, vocalist/guitarist Walter Schreifels stated "It was all just about being ourselves and who we were as well as who we are... We did it for us completely."

Full track-list for Interiors:

1. Illuminant
2. Under The Screw
3. Warm And Low
4. >
5. Cosmonauts
6. Interiors
7. Hyperion
8. Fire This Time
9. Feels Like A Weight Has Been Lifted
10. >>
11. Sick Mind
12. Normal Love

Interiors is out on 10th November via Epitaph Records.

Check out the brand new track and video for Illuminant below: