As the band gear towards the release of their new record, they've officially announced a replacement for Ander Bjorler who parted company earlier this year. Jonas Stalhammar has embedded in to the fold in a move the rest of the band are clearly very excited about. Commenting on his addition to the band, At The Gates stated, "We have finally decided on a new guitar player, and we are ready to rip again! Actually he was our first choice, and we are happy to have him on board. Jonas Stalhammar has been a friend since the late eighties (Tomas used to tape trade with him back then!), and our paths have crossed many times during our careers." Jonas is currently a member of The Lurking Fear, Crippled Black Phoenix, Bombs Of Hades and God Macabre. He has previously played in Abhoth, Utumno and Macabre End.

Alongside the new blood in the line-up, the band were also able to offer up a small preview for their forthcoming record, "We currently have 11 songs ready for said album, and are more inspired than perhaps ever before. You can expect a full-on AT THE GATES record with all the classic elements of the band. It is by far the most comprehensive album of the band to date, and will span all the way across the different elements of the band's sound. We are super-excited for 2018. It will be a good year for AT THE GATES, and our fans, for sure."

Well we're bloody super-excited too!