Canadian veterans Annihilator are heading towards the release of their SIXTEENTH studio album next month so what better time than to give you the full lowdown of what it involves. Well, there'll be plenty of thrash obviously but as Jeff Waters describes, the band had a lot of thinking to do when writing this new record - "It was time to analyze what a lot of fans over the years have kept telling me... It was time to sit down and figure out 'why' ANNIHILATOR's early 'thrash-meets-melodic' caught the ears of so many and to try to sweep the 'fan' part of my writing/playing/singing out the door and welcome back the mostly original Waters writing that was to be the first four ANNIHILATOR albums"

All of this will of course be greeted very well indeed by their legions of followers who can look forward to these set of tracks when For The Demented drops on 3rd November:

01. Twisted Lobotomy
02. One To Kill
03. For The Demented
04. Pieces of You
05. The Demon You Know
06. Phantom Asylum
07. Altering The Alter
08. The Way
09. Dark
10. Not All There

Pre-orders for the record are available NOW.

Check out the video for Twisted Lobotomy below: