One of the most important bands in Death Metal history are all set to mark a very important anniversary this December with some brand new music. Autopsy will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with the promise of "a deformed sonic journey that will make your flesh crawl and your speakers puke". Puncturing The Grotesque is a brand new mini-album which is set for release on 15th December via Peaceville Records.

Full track-list:

1. Depths Of Dehumanization
2. Puncturing The Grotesque
3. The Sick Get Sicker
4. Gas Mask Lust
5. Corpses At War
6. Gorecrow
7. Fuck You!!!

Commenting on the release and marking their anniversary, lead vocalist and drummer Chris Reifert stated, "30 years of the hell did that happen? Seems like just yesterday but somehow a million years ago that a couple of degenerate teenagers formed this beast that still lumbers and lurches around the confines of the studio and the expanse of the world itself. It's hard for us to believe too. Just don't think we're letting you out of the audio noose yet....we still have some of our sickest tricks up our sleeves for your horrific pleasure!"

The band have also announced that they will be part of a 7" split single with Peaceville label mates Bloodbath.