It's been four years since we've had any new Godsmack music and twenty years since they released their debut record. Not a band intending to look back too much, they are celebrating this anniversary by delivering their seventh studio album and a host of new tracks for their fans to bite in to.

Commenting on the new record, vocalist/guitarist Sully Erna explains what made up the core of his process going in to the new album, "It was just about evolving as a songwriter... I wanted to stretch my wings even further, to use all of the experiences I've had writing different types of music over the years and apply that to finding a way to introduce a newer, fresher, more mature sound, whilst still maintaining the power of Godsmack.


'When Legends Rise'
'Every Part Of Me'
'Take It To The Edge'
'Under Your Scars'
'Just One Time'
'Say My Name'
'Let It Out'
'Eye Of The Storm'

When Legends Rise is out on 27th April via Spinefarm Records!