When you've got a band name like this you better be in a position to make an impression with your music. Thankfully Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters pack a serious punch with their breed of heavy psychedelic fury and their highly anticipated forthcoming debut record is set to emphasise just that. Come & Chutney is due for release on 13th July via Riff Rock Records.

Full track-list:

1. Doggy Bag Of Slurry
2. Krones Of The Kiln
3. Cojones Feos
4. Glue Ear
5. Gutlads
6. Gawdless
7. Doner Trump
8. Psychedelic Hallucinogenic Vagrancy

Commenting on the record, the band stated: "Expect the same heavy dose of excessive wah, cheap pedals, throat hocks & greasy doner all in the usual Bad Kush way. These songs were written in between numerous tours about everything from the best kebab to totalitarian demons. Recorded and hot boxed in September 2017 then mixed and mastered March 2018."

The band have also got a series of live shows lined up with further dates also expected:

May 24th - Music City, Antwerp - Belgium
May 25th - Do It Yourself Cafe, Lille - France
June 16 - Breakfast at Riffany's, Manchester - UK
July 7th - Return of the End of the World Festival, Plymouth - UK
Aug 25th - Riff Fest, Bolton - UK