Sludge DIY UK unit Battalions have announced that their third studio release will come out on 30th November via APF Records. Promising to deliver as much grit and power as their previous two records, Forever Marching Backwards was recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios.

Commenting on the new release, vocalist Phil Wilkinson stated, "If you've followed Battalions for the last few albums you can expect tighter production, bigger riffs, more of a focus on structure and song writing along with the usual self-depreciating humour peppered throughout. The album itself is based around lead single 'Forever Marching Backwards' from which the album takes its name, essentially an allegory about how society seems to be hardwired to follow blindly without the majority questioning motives. The blind leading the blind."

With the announcement of a new record, thankfully we've got a taster of things to come as the band have also unveiled the below track and video. RIFFS.