The increasingly popular Dutch Metal five-piece For I Am King have announced the release of the second studio record I which will come to us via Redfield Records on 7th December.

Speaking about the new record, guitarist Koen Scheepens stated "When we started writing the new material, we absolutely did not want to limit ourselves to musical genres. After a while we gradually noticed that we were able to include everyone's personal taste and ideas into the unity that 'I' eventually became. The result is a new face, in which the old one, our debut album 'Daemons' (2016, Redfield Records), is still visible. 'I' is certainly still metal, influenced by bands like IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, DARKEST HOUR, ARCH ENEMY or KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, but it's more accessible than our first EP 'Revengeance' and more contemporary than 'Daemons'. 'I' sounds familiar, refreshing and characterises the growth of the band - as friends and musicians."

That all sounds good to us!

With a release so late in the year it is clear that this will push the band in to a big 2019 with tour dates promised imminently.

With the announcement of a new record invariably comes a new track. Check out Forever Blind below: