With Thrash running true in their veins, Red Death are steering towards the release of their third studio album, Sickness Divine due out on 29th November via Century Media Records. The band have previously unveiled the track Face The Pain ( click here to check it out!) and have now released the title track from the upcoming record.

Sickness Divine track-listing:

Sickness Divine
Face The Pain
Sword Without A Sheath
The Anvil's Ring
Sheep May Unsafely Graze
Path Of Discipline
(Refuse To Be) Bound By Chains
Dreadful Perception
Exhalation Of Decay

Chatting about this new track, vocalist/bassist Chad Tronacle noted, "Title track of the record. It's about the internet and the "holier than thou" god complex it enables most humans to indulge in. Hence the line "crucified cancellation just for using your mind". "Divine" meaning all powerful and "Sickness" meaning it's all in the mind and on the keyboard. Calling out the internet without using one technological term."

So there you have it, check out the new track below and make sure you jump on the whole record come 29th November!