With the level of critical and public acclaim that tore through the heavy music scene after the release of Damnatio Memoriae, there has been a lot of anticipation as to what the Lebanese Blackended Death Metal unit Kaoteon would deliver next. Well, we won't have to wait much longer as the band have announced that their next, self-titled, record will land on 17th January 2020.

With guitarist Anthony Kaoteon and vocalist Walid WolfLust at the band's core, joining them on this new project are bassist Linus Klausenitzer of Obscura fame and drummer Adrian Erlandsson from At The Gates. Chatting about the entire record, Anthony Kaoteon stated, "On previous albums, every KAOTEON track had over 10 main riffs that could be extended into a song each. With the self-titled upcoming album, the riffs have an identity of their own. Every riff on this album was composed during a state of flow and there are no fillers. I just didn't want to compose riffs that fit between other riffs. I recorded whole tracks as they came to my mind after several hours of meditation."

Full track-listing:

01 - Wolves of Chaos
02 - Sun of the East
03 - Broken
04 - Memento Mori
05 - Catharsis in Unison
06 - Gardens of Midas
07 - Acheronta Movebo

Pre-orders for the record are open now via the following link https://kaoteon.bandcamp.com/album/kaoteon

With this new album on the way, this of course brings new music. Check out the blistering Wolves Of Chaos below: