Black Orchid Empire have kick-started their year and decade with the announcement that new album Semaphore will be out 12th June via Long Branch Records. With this the band have also unleashed new track Evergreen which you can check out below!

Chatting about the song and it's place on the new record, guitarist and singer Paul Visser noted, "Evergreen is one of our favourite tracks on Semaphore. It's full of really interesting chord progressions, riffs and melodies that somehow come together and make perfect sense. It came from a guitar riff that I had knocking around for a while that Dave and Billy found a home for. The middle instrumental section is something we haven't done for a while - it just felt right to take the song on a journey from quite empty and sparse to full-on insanity.

Lyrically, as with all the tracks on Semaphore, it's a sci-fi story. All of the thematic concepts for the songs came about organically while we were writing - Evergreen is about the idea of a slowly receding island of lush greenery in an otherwise barren wasteland. The last habitable place on a planet, run by the elite, with a band of exiled scavengers living on scraps in the outskirts."

Full track-list:

01 Emissaries
02 Singularity
03 Natural Selection
04 Motorcade
05 Red Waves
06 Heliopause
07 Winter Keeps Us Warm
08 Dust
09 Faces
10 Death From Above
11 Evergreen
12 Monolith
13 Crash

The band have also got a set of dates carrying them through the rest of February:

13.02 - Derby, The Hairy Dog
14.02 - Torquay, Apple And Parrot
15.02 - Southampton, Suburbia
16.02 - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum

Tickets for all dates are on sale NOW!

Without any further ado then, check out the track Evergreen below: