It's been a fair while since we've had new Frost* music - four years in fact - so the announcement of a brand new 32 minute EP has been very well received indeed.

Others - EP is set to land on 5th June via InsideOutMusic and as Jem Godfey explains, "Others" is a 6 track EP containing 6 songs that were written at the time of the "Falling Satellites" album. Initially the idea was that "Falling Satellites" would be a double album, but it felt more focused and concise as a single album by the time we'd finished making it, so these half completed songs were put to one side. Now finished and mixed, they are ready to see the light of day!".

Chatting about the new track, Exhibit A, which you can check out below, Godfrey added, "It's good to be back with a cheerful song for these cheerful times! This is about being careful what you wish for when playing the fame game."

If you're worried this 32 minute EP won't be enough, fear not! The band have also confirmed that they are currently putting the finishing touches on a new studio full length which is tentatively scheduled for release in September via InsideOutMusic. We'll bring you more on this when we have it!