As the pandemic is set to drift in to impacting the early stages of 2021, the next wave of live-stream events have started poking their heads through the announcement train. As part of this the bands Earthless, Nebula, Spirit Mother, Mountain Tamer and Stoner are set to join forces to present a series of shows dubbed Live In The Mojave Desert. As the name suggests, each band will be broadcasting a show live directly from the Mojave Desert in California - bringing a new, and quite literal, contribution to the Desert, Stoner scene.

The schedule for these shows is as follows:

EARTHLESS: Saturday 23rd January, 2021
NEBULA: Saturday 6th February, 2021
SPIRIT MOTHER: Saturday 20th February, 2021
MOUNTAIN TAMER: Saturday 6th March, 2021
STONER (Brant Bjork + Ryan Gut + Nick Oliveri): Saturday 20th March, 2021

Each of the concert films will be premiered online, and presented in a two-hour long live, hosted program with later releases via LP, CD and DVD due as well.

CDWA Records (California Desert Wizards Association) have put the whole thing together with more information and tickets available here -

Talking about the event, member of Stoner and overall legend of the scene Brant Bjork commented, "CDWA once again commits to the ultimate Rock n Roll experience for the fans and the bands regardless of what might stand in the way. Covid literally shut down live performance around the world... what do you do? You use your imagination and you go all in. Congrats to CDWA and all the bands and crew involved in this Rock n Roll response of light in this year of concert stage darkness."

We can't wait for the riffs.