A band tipped for potentially big things in their future, Calyces have unveiled a brand new in-studio live recording session which may well prove to be the perfect invitation for a plethora of new fans.

The session features three tracks from their highly acclaimed debut record Impulse to Soar (released October 2020): False Awakening, Ego Dries Up the Ocean, and Those Flames Are Dancing Wild.

Chatting about the recording, the band noted, "It was about time to shake the dust off our shoulders, after a long period of stay at home due to the pandemic. We are happy to present you our first live performance after the release of Impulse to Soar. From the familiar setting of Studio U217, an 18 minute live set, featuring material from the critically acclaimed debut, showcasing the on-stage dynamic of the band and filling the gap until the circumstances allow for a proper live show. Κeep the faith!"

Without any further ado then, get stuck in to this: