This special low-priced DVD features a full raw live recording of
Nailbomb's second (and last) show at the Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven,
Holland on June 3rd 1995.

The set includes almost the entire 'Point Blank' album
plus a ferocious cover of Dead Kennedy's 'Police Truck'.
As Newport stated at the time Nailbomb was always supposed to be short,
to the point and fun.

Track listing for 'Live at Dynamo':

1. Wasting Away
2. Guerrillas
3. Cockroaches
4. Vai Toma No Cu
5. Sum Of Your Achievements
6. Religious Cancer
7. Police Truck
8. Exploitation
9. World Of Shit
10. Blind And Lost
11. Sick Life

Nailbomb 'Live At Dynamo' DVD is released July 4th.