Earche Records newly signed chaotic Death/Thrash Metalers Urkraft are due to enter Antfarm studios with renowned producer Tue Madsen this Saturday 16th of July to begin the 2 week recording session for their hotly anticipated Earache debut. As previously revealed the new album title will be 'The Inhuman
Aberration', dealing with issues such as the subjective human perspective,
megalomania and general full on aural battery.

Urkraft frontman Thomas has given us a little insight into the bands thoughts and feelings as they prepare to enter the studio :

"Well, we have reached the point where we canšt get much more ready for the
studio as a band. As individuals we might do some more practicing at home
though. During the last few days we have been working with the small details
on all tracks, been doing some last minute changes and I think this has
given the final touch some of the tracks needed."