In At The Deep End Records are releasing three brand new albums for you to listen to through August and September. If you're into Send More Paramedics, Hitechjet or Buzzkill, you're in for a treat.

Send More Paramedics will be releasing a split record with Zombie Apocalypse. 'Tales Told By Dead Me' is the kind of brain thirsty record that will mark the bands out as something truly unique. The CD will be in the shops from September, but you can buy it online from for just £8 now. You can also check out the record by taking a look at the E Card.

Send More Paramedics are also on tour with The Offspring in the UK and mainland Europe this year.

Hitechjet are also releasing their debut full length album, '600 Miles From…' and you can buy it for a mere £8 from the IATDE website. The album was recorded, engineered and produced by John Hannon in just six weeks. The album promises punk, hardcore, indie, rock and lo-fi sounds, all stamped with the hitechjet logo.

Buzzkill have also been busy and are following up their 2004 debut with 'Driven By Loss'. You can hear 'The Devil's Eyes' taken from the album on IATDE's The album is available for just £8.

You can also check out the tour dates for the Offspring UK Tour, where Send More Paramedics and The Letters Organize will be supporting.