The UK Music Hall of Fame event happens this week, and while the heavy weights of the music world get ready to be told how great they really are on Wednesday night, something we mere mortals can watch for ourselves on Thursday, those nice people over at Channel 4 have been running a series of music documentaries in the run up to the big night.

So far we've had a list of the greatest gigs of all time, plus shows about Madonna, The Who and the biggest selling artists of the 21st Century, which was Robbie Williams if you were interested.

Didn't catch any of those?

Well the good news is that the best of the bunch have been saved for this week.

Starting tonight, Monday November 14, at 11:00PM is 'John Peel's Record Box'.
While the much-missed DJ had a record collection encompassing over 100,000 records, CDs and singles, he had a soft spot for certain songs in particular, keeping 142 in a special box. Tonight we get to see the full list and find out more about why these were so important to him. Believe it or not, there's even one in the box from Status Quo.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 15, 11:05PM, is a documentary called 'Is This The Real Life? The Queen Story'. This programme will track the band's career as they rose to become one of the planet's biggest rock icons.

Then on Wednesday night, November 16th at 11.05, see the U2 'Vertigo' tour from Chicago; the gig is also out this week on DVD.

The Hall of Fame ceremony itself is on Channel 4 this Thursday night at 9 PM and will feature Black Sabbath, The Who, Pink Floyd, Kinks and Joy Division/New Order.