The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are looking for budding artists, or just mildly creative souls to provide artwork for their new album.
If you want to get involved, you should create a flag, there are some simple rules here:
1.Whatever size you like
2.Whatever colours you like (easy on the hot pink)
3.Relative to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4.Embodying the symbolic essence that you have vibed off us totally to the max
5.Recognizable above all a flag that we can stick on a pole and wave around

Whether or not your flag makes the album cover, it will be used on the band's website or tour, so there's nothing to lose!
Send your entries to the following address by 8th December, remembering to include your name, address, phone number, age, signature and email address:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Flag Competition
C/O Pal
364 Kensington High Street
W14 8NS