It would seem that the next Velvet Revolver album is to be a concept record.

There have been a number of statements from band members hinting that this might be the case, and singer Scott Weiland has backed this up when talking to US radio this week.

"The great rock and roll records were albums. It wasn't about ten to twelve songs just thrown together so it can support three singles, which is sort of what records are about today.

"This band and the bands that we come from, we've had a lot of hits, and we can prove that we can write hits. So on this album, I've set the bar really high."

Weiland was interviewed on the red carpet at the Radio Music Awards at the Aladdin Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Monday (19th December), and also suggested that the next record might be called 'Libertad', which is the Spanish word for freedom.