British Sea Power, Art Brut and Dogs
Are three of the acts that will be appearing at London's first ever all-night indoor festival.

The Insomniac's Ball will also feature performances from The Holloways, Battle, Black Wire and The Pipettes on April 13.

Tickets, priced at 19.50, go on sale on Thursday, February 16 and more acts will be added soon.

The festival, at the SE One Club, features several areneas and kicks off at 8 PM.

The line up so far:

Room One:

British Sea Power, Mando Diao, Battle, New Rhodes and The Pipettes.

Room 2:

DJ sets from Eddie Temple-Morris and Mary-Anne Hobbs.

Room 3:

Art Brut, Dogs and The Rifles.

Room 4:

Vincent Vincent and the Villains, Black Wire, Cazals, Dustins Bar Mitzvah, The Holloways and Captain Black.

Room 5:

White Heat DJs Matty and Olly plus guests.