London-based independent record label Kids will become the first UK label to offer people free MP3s of vinyls they purchase. Kids has released 3 sell out vinyl singles in the last 6 months since starting up and it seems they've found a great way to please buyers.

Label boss Dave said: "People who buy our records love the physical
quality of the releases, but they also want to be able to listen to the
music wherever they want, particularly on their iPods. Why should someone
have to buy it once for the vinyl, then pay to download it again for their
MP3 player? We want to show the rest of the industry that digital
technology can complement, not threaten, traditional releases."

It may not be a high-tech solution, the MP3s will be obtained by emailing a random word slipped into the vinyl to the label in order to be sent the MP3s. Single 'Believable' from Mighty Sixty Nine, released on 13th March will be the first single to trial this ingenious idea.