Killa Kela, the human beatbox who creates entire symphonies using just his mouth, will be touring four Fopp stores this April to support the release of his new single 'Secrets' on 24th April 2006, taken from the album 'Elocution'.

Killa Kela, who claims Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake as fans, is one of the UK's freshest, most exciting and unique emerging talents.

He has already supported Public Enemy, OutKast, The Streets, N.E.R.D and the Stereo MC's.

The dates, venues and times are as follows:

Tuesday 25th: Fopp Bath, Westgate Buildings - 1.00pM, and then Fopp Bristol - 5.00pm.

Wednesday 26th: Fopp Southampton, Marlands Centre - 1.00pm.

Thursday 27th April: Fopp, Camden. 1.00pm.

Killa Kela will now be part of the institution that is Fopp in-stores. Acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks, Magic Numbers and Nizlopi, have all played at Fopp stores in recent years. Fopp's ability to provide a platform for cutting edge bands to play to fans across its stores is being developed all the time. Now that there are even more Fopp Stores there'll be even more music!

There are now 25 Fopp outlets in the UK, with the last few months seeing three new stores open in London, along with further Fopp's springing up in Bath, Brighton, East Kilbride and Southampton.