Normally we wouldn't even dream of running Eurovision stories, but this year is different!

The entry for Finland is from the metal act Lordi, titled 'Hard Rock Hallelujah'.

Tonight BBC3 will be showing the semi finals where Lordi, as well as a load of other randoms, will be battling it out to make it onto the final at the weekend. If, like us, you think it will be great to see an act like this in the usually ultra bland and frankly dull competition, and can't wait to see what Wogan makes of it during his legendary Eurovision commentary on the night, you have the power!

After all have performed, the public get to vote on who should go forward to the main event. The numbers you need for Finland with 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' performed by Lordi is 0901 121 3116. Alternatively text '16' to 61166.

As previously reported, Lordi's appearance as Finland's representitive hasn't exactly gone down well in their home country, or in Greece where the final wil be hosted.
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