UK's godfathers of Grindcore have finished recording 'Smear Campaign', the highly anticipated follow-up to last year's 'The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code'.

A preview on the album straight from the studio has just been posted online and can now be streamed at:

This location

As well as this, Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway reports in and gives
his feedback on the recording sessions at Foel Studios together with producer Russ Russell and engineer Chris Fielding:

"We just spent a few weeks again in the studio in Wales where we already did 'The Code...' and it was obviously such a good experience the first time around on 'The Code...' session, that we decided to return. Whilst we were not trying to compete with 'Code...' or make the same album again it has to be said that "Smear Campaign" sounds twice as immense. We didn't fuck around getting the songs together but somehow 'Smear Campaign' seems to come across as a more in depth experience.

"It was very cool that Anneke from The Gathering offered to sing on the album. It's really funny, because we never would have thought about having guest vocals before the 'The Code...' but every vocalist has worked very well with the song they have contributed to. Anneke´s style is clearly
very different to that of for example Jello Biafra but what she does totally enhances the experience. It sounds pretty spooky.

"Lyrics: I guess people know about the album title now but to give a brief
explanation the general thread is actually a question asking why exactly
we need religion to give us a basis to run our lives. Can we not be
trusted as human beings to make our own decisions? This applies in my eyes
to everything from Christianity to Paganism to Satanism. Surely the world
would be more peaceful without religious restrictions and all this false

Some definite song titles we can already reveal are: 'Rabid Wolves (For
Christ)', 'In Deference', 'Atheist Runt', 'When All Is Said and Done', 'Sink Fast, Let Go', 'Shattered Existence', 'Fatalist', 'Call That An

NAPALM DEATH's newest work is set for release via Century Media Records on September 18th, 2006.