With the remnants of the previous night's party still hanging in the air, the second day of the Summercase festival offered a more sedate and pedestrian start to proceedings.

With a mainstream pleasing opening of The Feeling and The Divine Comedy appearing before the sun went down, it was left to some of the major hitters to turn up after dark and return the festival to a feeling of rock and roll.

And if you want to hear of rock and roll stories, then who better than Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream's main man was superbly wasted and spent much of his set down the front greeting the fans.

With New Order taking from all reaches of their back catalogue and a Chemical Brothers DJ set that probably still has some people dancing, the second night at Summercase was another success, if not quite matching the energy of the first.

So if you want to know what band The Feeling use for their intro tape, who was the hardest rocking duo on site or which singer treated the crowd to a little moon beneath the big moon, stay tuned to Room Thirteen for full reviews.