Having previously said they would only release a 'Best Of' collection when their career's were over, Oasis are set to bring out a compilation of their work before Christmas.

From the band's website:

"Oasis have been at the helm of the worlds music scene for over ten years and, on November 20th 2006 the first ever Oasis retrospective will draw together the years of multi platinum albums, Number One singles and, unique to Oasis, instantly familiar B sides into one 18 track double album entitled Stop the Clocks.

"Furthermore, this collection has been chosen by the band themselves - the songs they believe encapsulate their remarkable career to date."

This album is not expected to be the usual singles collection, with the band picking what they believe to be their finest songs from throughout their career, not just those that made it into the singles chart.

'Stop The Clocks' includes what many view to be one of the definitive greatest B side ever, 'Acquiesce', evoking memories of the White Room performance that so many regard as Oasis greatest music television moment. Also present is 'Half The World Away', another B-side that became instantly recognizable to all in the UK for its use as the theme music of TVs 'The Royle Family'.

Then come the singles, a stream of contemporary classics starting with 'Supersonic' and moving on to anthems such as 'Wonderwall', as well as more recent moments such as 'The Importance of Being Idle'.

The statement on their website concludes that this is not a stop, but a time for the world to review what the band have produced thus far.