Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorun has been talking about the progress the band are making with their second album, and about the recent short US tour.

Posting on his official blog, he said that fans were in store for a treat.

"This album is going to rock."

On the recent shows he wrote:

"We have been working on writing the new album most of the summer and needed to get out. It was fun, short but enough to inspire us to get the live feel again.

"We had been working in my studio but are now in a live rehearsal space. Coming up with some great jams. I am sorry we didn't play any new material on the five dates that we did play. The band wants the new stuff to be the best it can be before we let it out.

"Anyway, plan on writing all of September and part of October, then in the studio. That is the plan, so if it takes a little longer, trust me, it will be worth the wait.

The next Velvet Revolver album has a provisional title of 'Libertad'. It is hoped the record will be out by spring 2007.