The White Stripes are going all classical on us!

ALUMINIUM is an album of avant-garde orchestral recordings of music written by Jack White. The project was conceived by the founder of XL Recordings, Richard Russell, who co-produced the album with the renowned composer and arranger Joby Talbot.

The record was recorded with an orchestra comprising many of the UK's finest young classical musicians. It will be available exclusively through the Aluminium website as a numbered limited edition of 3,333 CDs and 999 LPs. The download format will not be limited, and will come with an electronic booklet. You can pre-order it on November 6.

Long time White Stripes collaborator, Rob Jones, created a series of 10 images to accompany the album. These images will be printed up as cards and packaged with both the CD and LP formats. In addition to this, the LP format will include a section of an original Rob Jones silkscreen print.

The images are available to view on the Aluminium MySpace site, and as part of a wider Rob Jones exhibition which is currently showing at the Richard Goodall
Gallery in Manchester.

The track list for the record is:

1. 'Aluminium'
2. 'I'm Bound To Pack It Up'
3. 'Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me?'
4. 'Astro'
5. 'Never Far Away'
6. 'Little Bird'
7. 'Let's Build A Home'
8. 'Who's A Big Baby?'
9. 'The Hardest Button To Button'
10. 'Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)'