Following the success of their last album, 'Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond' and massive headlining tours, Zero Hour's guitarist, Jasun Tipton has landed a signature deal with Germany's Manne Guitars.

Jason's custom built Manne Ventura-7 Zero Hour Model has a chambered Korina body, maple/laminated beech neck, a single EMG 81-7 pickup at the bridge, a stop tailpiece, hardcore black hardware and a satin black finish with custom silver graphics.

Jason says of Manne:
"I wanted a light guitar that would provide a crunch that not only moves myself but the listener as well. At the same time I wanted my rhythm tone to be ideal for my lead playing. With the dynamics of many styles Zero Hour plays the guitar had to produce a warm, lush clean tone that is a necessity to anyone's sound. Manne has the best guitar necks ever and once you start playing one you can't put it down. I love my Manne guitar and I would be playing Manne even if I wasn't endorsed by them."