So despite that "web hoax" over the weekend, there is some exciting news for Radiohead fans as the band's new album will be with us within two weeks.

A message online from Jonny Greenwood reads:

"The new album is finished, and it's coming out in 10 days; We've called it 'In Rainbows'. Love from us all. Jonny"

In an added twist, no price has been set, with those wishing to buy choosing how much they want to pay for it.

A physical release is also due in December, as a set featuring the new album 'In Rainbows' on CD, and on two 12" heavyweight vinyls.

A further CD will also be included with even more new material, and the whole package come with photos and lyric book.

'In Rainbows' track listing is as follows:

'15 Step'
'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi'
'All I Need'
'Faust Arp'
'House Of Cards'
'Jigsaw Falling Into Place'

The second CD features:

'MK 1'
'Down Is The New Up'
'Go Slowly'
'MK 2'
'Last Flowers'
'Up On The Ladder'
'Bangers And Mash'
'4 Minute Warning'

The CD/vinyl version will be ready for shipping around December 3.