Prog metal band Daath are seeking a new vocalist after the loss of Sean Farber. The band is looking for a distinctive voice to augment their brutally unique sound and mirror their complex conceptual background, the band are set to hit the studio in early 2008 to record a new album, 'The Concealers'. Currently on tour with Dark Funeral and Naglfar, Daath say that they want: "We don't want a one dimensional singer, we want someone diverse with range and power. We like vocalists with signature diversity such as Michael Akerfeldt, Vortex, Phil Anselmo and David Vincent."

Anyone wanting to apply for the position, should download vocal-free music from the links below, record their vocals and email tracks back along with full contact information and picture to the e-mail address listed below. Candidates are also encouraged to complete the tracks via video and upload them to their personal YouTube pages or can submit materials from their own bands or work.

Vocal-free tracks
Cosmic Forge

Submissions should be sent to: