After almost seven years together, a number of tours, three Line up changes, two record labels, and over two hundred shows, CAFFIENDS have decided to call it a day for the band. In a statement released by the band, Jon "Nacho" Gollihugh had this to say: "It has been over two years since the CafFiends have workedtogether creatively. We knew when we recorded Fission, Fusion, and Things Made of Concrete that it would be the last great work we would do as the CafFiends. At the time, we planed to continue playing to promote the album and to give our fans another chance to come out to the shows, dance,and sing along. "We decided upon completion of Fission, in 2003, that we would play through the winter and then reevaluate if we wanted to continue further as a band. The re-release of Fission,in January of 2004, by Indianola Records extended our life as a band and looked like it might revive us both musically and artistically. Unfortunately this was not the case. We have evolved musically and creatively from where we were in 2001 when we first started working on the material which became Fission, Fusion, and Things Made of Concrete (whichis evident by the "atypical" songs on the album). "Miles Davis once said, 'Those (songs) are there. They were donein that era, the right hour, the right day, and it happened. It's over; it's on the record.' "I feel it would be like beating a dead horse to try and continueon as the CafFiends. It is time we as musicians must progress past where we could have gone musically as the CafFiends. We are proud of the music we wrote, and accomplishments over the past seven years, but it is time to move on."That said, we decided that the October 1st show would be the last show of the CafFiends. "I would like to reiterate that we are not breaking up, butrather moving on. We will continue to create music; we just need a clean slate. We will try to keep you posted on any and all our new projects as they come into fruition. That said, I guess it would be as good a time as ever to mention, if you haven't already heard about, Chris and Ed's band Colour the Sound."