Current Five Favourites

Feeder ‘Miss You’

Feeder are back, hurrah!

‘Miss You’ is available as a free download to anyone registered to Feederweb, you need to be quick though as this offer runs out soon. The track sees the band in their full on rocky mood, which can only be a good sign for the new album set to arrive later in 2008. Clicking the song title above will take you to the band’s Myspace where you can sample the track, but with a fan video competition running, a search on Youtube will find full versions. The Feeder return was worth waiting for!

Yoav ‘Club Thing’

Think Prince, or (wisper these words) Justin Timberlake, but then imagine rather than big money productions, all sounds, including the irresistable funky beat, have been created on one guitar. That’s what you get from rising South African singer Yoav. He was very impressive supporting Underworld at the Camden Roundhouse last month, and is set for a busy and successful 2008.

Frank Turner ‘I Knew Prufrock before He Got Famous’

This track opens the forth-coming Frank Turner album, and is described by the man himself as a “statement of defiance, an anthem to being overlooked”. Frank Turner regulars won’t be too surprised by what they hear, but in a nutshell this is another FT track that looks set to fall into the Turner anthem category, one that will surely be a live favourite for sometime.

Bullet For My Valentine ‘Hearts Burst into Fire’

I’ll be honest, B4MV aren’t my favourite band in the world, not by some distance. However when a band does good they do good, regardless of who they are or what you think of their previous work. This track is totally suited for mainstream radio, catchy and not as heavy as this lot can be, and has duly picked up attention from daytime Radio 1. Released at the end of the month, this is set to be considered a classic with Bullet fans, and could fall into the guilty pleasure bracket for plenty who can’t normally be doing with them.

Munty ‘Delhi to Detroit’

There’s plenty of interesting stuff on his Myspace, but I’ve gone for the one that seems to be picking up specialist radio attention. Sadly all that can be found by way of audio are clips of his tracks, but this hopefully gives you an idea. Munty lists his influences as house, electro, techno, trip hop, funk, drum & bass, dub, roots, rock, reggae, indie, ambient and various Indian styles. In the case of ‘Delhi To Detroit’, we’re dealing with an ambient house track with a haunting Indian feel: perfect for the dead of night.

Album stopping all others getting near the CD player:

King Blues ‘Under the Fog’

Originally out in 2007, the album has had the re-record treatment and has gone from being an interesting but frustrating collection of songs, to one that better reflects the band’s excellent live show.

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