And so SXSW finishes once again for another year. As Sunday is very quiet on the music front and 6th Street, the main area for the music was virtually empty.

Still could not resist seeing the Metal Bee Gees tribute band playing at Emos though, which turned out to be comedy night. The first band on was a Gary Numan tribute band. The only way I could describe this is think of Ozzy Osbourne singing Gary Numan songs, badly, and that is as good as it got.

Following Gary Numan was a singer from New Zealand whose singing sounded like a castrated cat and that is being unfair to castrated cats. She started by butchering Abba songs then moved on to ACDC, Beatles and even the theme tune from Disney's Aladdin. Quite possibly could have been a spoof but even so
it was 40 minutes of my life I will never get back.

The Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees kind of did exactly what the title says. Played all of their hits in a kind of Darkness style. All the band were glammed up and they could play but just didn't work. I do have to agree with the lead singer when he says "We are the world's number one metal tribute to the Bee

Following the Bee Gees was a Rock Karaoke band. By this time this reporter was getting the, enough was enough feeling, and decided to close the curtain on SXSW 2008.

I do need to say thank you to some people for looking after me while I have been here in Austin. Firstly to Zoë Moon for being a bigger star than you already
were! To Zoë's family for spoiling me and to Rob Bailey for his scarily in depth knowledge on bands and what was going on during the week.

It has been a great week, now counting the days to SXSW 2009!