Crazy flame-haired G'N'R singer Axl Rose is reported to be in talks about the possibility of having a reality show about his life trying to get the long awaited new album, 'The Chinese Democracy finally released to the masses.

According to, a 'Major music-orientated television channel' is interested and behind a proposal that will see footage of Axl, and current members recording the album.

Some might find this a strange decision from the lead singer and bipolar sufferer, Rose, who has spent the previous 10 years as a virtual recluse. Indeed back in 1998, and interview in Kerrang! with a former band member stated that Rose would only work through the night on the album at his home studio, and the rest of the band were ushered in after midnight, and then ushered out again in the small hours of the morning. The then band member left due to getting bored with, "playing over 100 instrumentals" whereby Axl refused to write the lyrics until the band got the music right...Reports claimed that Rose never left his house choosing to hide away from the outside world altogether.

With regards to the show, a close source suggests that, "There is a lot of footage to choose from. Some of it is incredibly personal and revealing about Axl's life." This is also meant to be a tie-in with the long, long, long awaited 'new album', an album which must hold the record for being named, but unreleased for the longest period in history (since around 1998). Apparently the album has been finished and now delivered to the record label, so it would appear that out of this album, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster, one of these could actually see the light of day.