Back in the now distance days of 2005 Room Thirteen decided to setup a website dedicated just to our coverage of Download Festival. It was designed to allow our readers access to just the information they wanted about the festival.

Now, in 2008, Room Thirteen launches the Leeds Festival 2008 microsite which can be accessed at

The Reading & Leeds festival microsite contains news about the festival and all bands that play it, interviews with bands playing this year's festival, live reviews of bands playing this year's festival, information about the festival, a line-up, biographies and loads more.

As well as all this the site can be accessed on your mobile phone - even an ancient WAP phone - and will have reviews and photos added online over the course of the festival itself. This means you'll be able to get all the latest whether you're at home during the festival, in a field watching the band live or at home recovering whilst suffering post-festival blues.

For more information check out now.