This one is for the (so-called) tough guys: DEADSOIL. Germany’s heaviest hardcore band even got the attention
of Jamey Hatebreed, who told them to be one of the most promising acts in worldwide’s hardcore. Do you know a better compliment?

Having a strong background within the german hardcore scene DEADSOIL was founded in 2002 by Boris Pracht and Christian Bass, right after Copykill (Alveran Records) called it's
quits and Christian decided to part ways with Night in Gales
(of Nuclear Blast fame). Joined by Stefan Eutebach, formerly Six Reasons To Kill/Gomorrha and Drift- shouter Marcel Stroeter, the band soon spread out their name out in the scene with
explosiv live-shows.

Mixing diverse styles inbetween metal and hardcore DEADSOILs sound always stays heavy and harsh. Beyond the limits of any genre you find connected musical skills of hookline-loaden
and precise metal with the aggressive instincts of the tough side of hardcore.

Consists of (ex-)members of bands as Copykill, Surface, Night in Gales, Since The Day, Gomorrha and Six Reasons To Kill.

For Fans of Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, Born From Pain, The Haunted,
Dew-Scented, Darkest Hour