"Hold onto your f**king heads and use them to hammer your beautiful souls into this, the most secret unique yet biggest cult band this England has ever known"

Fresh from selling out the London Astoria themselves last Friday,
CARDIACS will embark on a Tour as VERY SPECIAL GUESTS to their very good
friends THE WILDHEARTS in December

08/12/04: London - Astoria (Wildhearts)
09/12/04: Manchester - MDH (Uni) (Wildhearts)
10/12/04: Glasgow - Garage (Wildhearts)
11/12/04: Sheffield - Leadmill (Wildhearts)
13/12/04: Cambridge - Junction (Wildhearts)
14/12/04: Bristol - Anson Rooms (Wildhearts)
15/12/04: Wolverhampton - Wulfrun Hall (Wildhearts)

CARDIACS are an extraordinary band with a legendary live reputation…..
respect and adoration the length and breadth of the underground…bewilderment from the slow to catch on, frothing blind hated from those whose careers depend on easy pigeonholing and obvious
fashion…here to move you, scare you, bounce you off walls, make you go
gasp, drive you mad, make you smile…….

Forget about barriers between different sorts of music - Cardiacs don't even know what they are. Cardiacs are singer/guitarist/main writer TIM
SMITH, bassist and big brother JIM SMITH, guitarist KAVUS TORABI and
drummer BOB LEITH. Famous for their frenzied and emotional live shows
and unique sound, they're capable of coming up with tunes that make you
feel like it's your birthday and Christmas all at once…. And then
they're quite likely to smack you in the guts with one of their twisty
terrifying rollercoaster rides… and then they'll come back with one of
their quieter ones just to rearrange the hairs on the back of your neck.
No, Cardiacs don't know that you're not allowed to write a pop song that
has a ska bit and then a mad waltz and then a heart-wrenchingly uplifting anthemic ending (even if it does have some of the best tunes and riffs you've ever heard). Nobody ever hit them with that rule book that states you can't write a thrash number that goes seven beats to the bar…. Funny thing is, a lot of the time, you don't think of it as unconventional at all, you're too busy getting in to it…

It's the combination of experimentation and accessibility that gains them an ever-growing ever evolving audience that just can't be categorised. Add that to the one-off personalities of the Cardiacs family - the one-off personalities involved (wide-eyed innocence meets piercing observation of the ordinary made special) and you might just end up with something as refreshing and imaginative as Cardiacs

Cardiacs have been and continue to be a big influence on a ridiculous number of bands over the last 25 unflustered years and a sozen or so studio album - go ask Blur, they're often to be found bouncing around down at the front, go ask Faith No More or Mr Bungle or The Wildhearts - "I am a huge fan" Ginger Wildheart - or No Means No, go ask the new breed of bands like Sikth, go ask Radiohead, System Of A Down, The

"Beautiful high wire orchestrally sharp emotional progressive punk like you never experienced before"

"The finest live band to ever walk the planet"

Cardiacs are currently working on their new studio album to be released in early 2005 on their own Alphabet label.