Originally from Boston and now residing in LA, Alternative Rockers American Hi-Fi are putting the finishing touches to their long awaiting and as-yet-untitled new album.

Having had two successful albums in the eponymous debut in 2001, and a hard-edged slightly Punky sound in 2003’s ‘Art Of Losing’, the band then lost their way with their more mellowed album in 2005, ‘Hearts On Parade’ which led to them losing their record deal with Maverick. The band took some time off with marriages and side-projects, and drummer Jason Sutter left to join Ska-Punkers Smash Mouth which questioned whether the band would ever come back from their hiatus.

The band have now been snapped up by Original Sound Records, and whilst the album is complete, the band are trying to cut down the track listing. Currently on the band’s MySpace page you can here new songs, ‘This Is The Low’, ‘Acetate’ and ‘Fight The Frequency’, however other songs that have appeared here also include, ‘Bullet’, ‘Keep It Like A Secret’, ‘A Taste For Crime’ and ‘Frat Chump’, however as to whether these make the final cut is currently unknown.

The new songs are a bit amore like those from, ‘Art Of Losing’, which is to say they are Pop/Punk with a heavier edge. More news and updates will follow just as soon as we have them.