Minnesota Punk Rockers The F-Ups have reformed after splitting up 3 years ago to form the Rock band, Hand ‘Em High.

Having formed The F-Ups in High School in 1999, it was in 2004 with the release of the bands eponymous debut, that the band came to the forefront of Punk. Signed to Capitol Records and being successful on the Vans sponsored Warped Tour, the debut album was packed full of 3-minute Punk anthems with such titles as. ‘Lazy Generation’, ‘Look At Your Son Now’, ‘Screw You’, ‘Crack Ho’ and ‘No, No, No’, and also included a great version of the Bowie written Mott The Hoople song, ‘All The Young Dudes’.

However, the units didn’t shift as Capitol hoped, and whilst personally this was in my opinion one of the best Punk albums ever, the label dropped them, and caused the band to take a look at themselves, and eventually break up in 2006.

Apart from the drummer, the rest of the band moved to Las Vegas and formed ‘Hang ‘Em High’, with Bill Martin coming in on vocals and Travis Allen (who was vocalist in The F-Ups) concentrating on guitar. Travis’ brother Alex joined on drums. However, the Mohawks were grown out into Emo haircuts, and the sound was confused, flittering between Punk, Emo, Screamo, and Rock, although the band did release their only album in January 2008, it made little or no impact in the music industry outside of Nevada.

Now Travis along with former F-Up Chris DeWerd are the only original members in the new reformed F-Ups that also sees Alex Allen again on drums, and Nick Sacco on bass. Alex is quick to point out that they will not be rushing out any music, “Please be patient with us because this is going to take some time... We will have pictures and new music for you guys.... We don't know when, but you will find out as soon as it is ready. This is all we can say right now!” The band add anything new to their MySpace page very soon…