Lifeforce Records have recently announced the signing of a multiple album deal with one the most talented bands and biggest hopefuls of the European metal scene.

The band already made a name on their own in the worldwide vegan
straightede scene, but it will be a big mistake to categorize Deadlock as
just another band in the currently booming MetalCore genre.

This band has much more to offer than alot of the currently hyped acts, this
band has great music skills and the right hand for harmonies, but most
important Deadlock have depth.


“We´re overwhelmed, proud and happy to be part of this outstanding record

Signing this deal means so much more to the band and its members:

DL found a new homebase, where our music and message gets supported.

That´s a main reason, why Lifeforce Records is the perfect partner in crime
for us! It´s an big honour for us to join their family including all the
amazing bands, who got well known all over the world.

Everyone in DL is looking forward to this professional but friendly
collaboration and we can´t wait to release our new album with the celebrated brand on its back. We wanna thank Lifeforce for believing in our musical and personal manner and we´ll heartly embrace all upcoming activities and plans for a common future. We´re very pleased to get the opportunity for offering our music to an new big audience and we´ll try all our best to represent DL´s and Lifeforce´s specific definition of music…”