Domino are to work with Joshua Homme's Rekords Rekords label to re-release QOTSA's eponymous debut on March 7th 2011.

The Rekords Records re-issue, in conjunction with Domino, is to be fully remastered from the original tapes and is to include three extra tracks. "The Bronze" & "These Aren't the Droids Your Looking For" (from the split EP from '98) and "Spiders and Vinegaroons" which was part of the posthumous Kyuss/QOTSA split EP.

"Queens Of The Stone Age" will be available on CD, double vinyl LP and digital download.
The tracklisting is to be as follows:

1 Regular John
2 Avon
3 If Only
4 Walkin On The Sidewalks
5 You Would Know
6 The Bronze
7 How to Handle a Rope
8 Mexicola
9 Hispanic Impressions
10 You Cant Quit Me Baby
11 These Arent the Droids You're Looking For
12 Give the Mule What he Wants
13 Spiders and Vinegaroons
14 I Was A Teenage Hand Model