2011 is here so it is time for our first Band Of The Month of the year, ok 2011 has been here for two weeks already and we are a little late, so to make it up to you we decided to award the prestigious opening BotM award for the year to the awesomeness that is Talons.

Hereford six piece debut album 'Hollow Realm' got a maximum 13 when reviewed last month and quite rightly was included in our list of best albums of 2010. We are expecting 2011 to be a big year for the boys but in the mean time they kindly took time to answer our BotM questions to introduce themselves to you:

Band Bio:
We're an instrumental band from Hereford who've been going for a couple of years now. In the build up to our debut album, 'Hollow Realm' we released a couple of EPs and a few singles, and we've been touring pretty much constantly since 2009.
In our time together we've had the chance to support awesome bands such as Manchester Orchestra, Pulled Apart By Horses, 65daysofstatic and Rolo Tomassi.

Oli Steels - Guitar
Sam Jarvis - Guitar
Reuben Brunt - Violin
Sam Little - Violin
Chris Hicks - Bass
Alex Macdougall - Drums

Russian Circles
Tim Hecker
Holy Fuck
These Arms Are Snakes
Assfactor 4

Sounds Like:
Medieval orchestral nu metal riffage

Current release and where it's available:
Our new album, 'Hollow Realm' is available in record shops across the UK, or you can order it online from www.bsmrocks.com. You can buy the 12" LP from www.topshelfrecords.org

Up and coming artists you would recommend:
Blacklisters and Adebisi Shank are both great, on record and live. We recently got into a band called Nitkowski who we saw at Brainwash festival in Leeds, definitely worth checking out.

Plans for 2011:
Keep touring and try to play gigs in places we haven't been to yet. Hopefully we'll be pretty busy! We'd like to get another release done, but we're barely in the planning stages for this.

Tour Dates:
We're about to announce a big tour in April which will take us all over the UK and over to Europe. Keep an eye out on www.gotalons.com for details.

R13 note: Tour dates now announced

If you were the prime minister for one day, what would you do:
Probably end up just playing playstation all day. I wouldn't make a good prime minister.