U2's highly anticipated Vertigo tour sold out in a matter of hours, with Manchester and London selling out first.

But many fans have been bombarding newspapers, and fan sites with complaints about tickets and ticketmaster are very angry.

Some fans who had paid to 20 to join the U2.com fan club for presale tickets found themselves having to pay an additional 50 to 80, in the pre-sale, only for problems with ticketmaster. And not getting any of the best seats but some of the worst on sale. And are very angry that they had been duped by U2.com.

Tickets when they went on open sale, sold out very quickly, with telephone lines jammed and the ticketmaster website not able to cope with the traffic. But as neither the band or ticketmaster advertised the ticket prices before they went on sale were shocked at how much it cost, 50 for standing and 85 for seating. To make matters worse ticketmaster added their sales commission to the sale, so for two 85 tickets you were charged a total of 190.

The tickets cost more than those onsale for U2's Arena tour in the USA as part of the Vertigo tour. Many British and European fans are feeling battered and abused for the high prices. Which are far more than the last tour.

To add insult to injury, people were limited to just 4 tickets on the tour, which while is fair and sensible, tickets are already appearing on ebay.