As America joins what has turned out to be a total fiasco where ticket sales are concerned, ticket scalpers are set to make thousands.

First, in the UK where over 200 people joined the queue in Manchester, young thugs threatened people in the line with knives as they bought over 200 tickets. The stadium didn't have any security staff on and only on the insistance of fans were the police called.

Most fans in the USA had exactly the same problems as those in the UK and Europe, shows were selling out quicker, than expected. But not to genuine fans.

Ticket brokers have admited to buying thousands of tickets in the pre-sale by joining And are now trying to sell these tickets on to the poor fans, who want a fair price ticket to see a band they like. So far over 5000 tickets have appeared for sale on ebay and other websites and newspapers. As genuine fans can't buy tickets there only alternative is to be ripped off. Fans are demanding action by U2's management, as the pre-sale was supposed to be for genuine fans. But for so many to be sold to scalpers beggers belief.

U2's tour may be a sellout, but plenty of fans think they have been sold out.