We've been sent over a new video from the folks at Bacardi that we thought you will want to see. The video features music by Freelance Hellraiser presents Lalula called Super Bajo.

In the film, two human figures appear, one is made out of vibrant Bacardi liquid and and the other from an ideal mixer. The male and female figures dance energetically along to the pumping music track before coming together to form a perfectly mixed Bacardi drink... or so we're told.

The video itself is pretty cool from an artist perspective and is directed by Alex Rutterford who has produced a number of experimental films including '3space' and 'monocodes', both of which have been extensively exhibited around the world including the onedotzero festival held at institute of contemporary arts.

Alex's ground breaking debut promo for Autechre's single 'Gantz Graf' received immediate industry recognition and placed him firmly in the frame as a new talent to watch for both music videos and commercials.

Alex went on to create the video for Radiohead's single "Go To Sleep".

Check out this funky video now.